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VIRAL: Private Meeting ni Trillanes at mga Dilawan Lumantad at Kumalat! Basahin Dito!

VIRAL: Private Meeting ni Trillanes at mga Dilawan Lumantad at Kumalat! Basahin Dito!

DALY CITY, CA (10/27)- Members of the Filipino-American community gathered at United Methodist Church of Daly City in Daly City, California to listen to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV speak about the human rights violations being committed by the government of Rody Duterte. The event sponsored by the Filipino-American Human Rights Alliance touted the event as,"Come and meet opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, this Thursday, October 26, right after work at 5:30 PM, at the United Methodist Church of Daly City, 1474 Southgate Avenue, Daly City, CA.

Senator Trillanes has been one of the most visible, courageous, and outspoken leader in opposing President Rody Duterte's instigation of extrajudicial killings of thousands of drug suspects, and in investigating corruption in public office of the Duterte family. He has not backed down in this pursuit of justice despite retaliation and threats from the Duterte administration.

He has a message to us Filipino-Americans in San Francisco, to encourage us to persevere in condemning the human rights abuses being perpetrated by the Duterte administration in the Philippines.

Let's come meet with and show support for Senator Trillanes this Thursday night, October 26, 5:30 PM, in Daly City. (United Methodist Church, 1474 Southgate Ave., Daly City, CA.).

This Thursday evening with Senator Trillanes is the night for us to show to everyone that there is visible concern from the Filipino-American community here in the U.S. about the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, and the impunity of the police, the Duterte administration, and its supporters in the Philippine Congress...."

To say thaat the record of Trillanes is questionable would be an understatement. Trillanes was known for leading the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny when he and some 300 junior officers and enlisted men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines took over the Oakwood towers in Makati as protest for claiming "rampant corruption in the Philippine government - in the Armed Forces of the Philippines". He was detained for almost seven and a half years.

Furthermore, in an act of domestic terrorism, Trillanes filed his certificate of candidacy on February 7, 2007, to run as an independent senatorial candidate despite being detained for complicity in a failed coup d'├ętat.

Later, he accepted an invitation from the Genuine Opposition party (GO) as one of its guest candidates to field against the Arroyo administration.

He campaigned successfully, while in jail, through the social networking site, Friendster. Trillanes was proclaimed Senator-elect on June 15, 2007 by the Commission on Elections. He is the 2nd youngest senator after Benigno Aquino Jr. elected at the age of 35 (his partymate Bam Aquino join him as youngest senator elected in 2013)

On July 23, 2007, Trillanes' motion for an "arrangement" with the Makati RTC that would allow him to fulfill his duties as a Senator while under detention, and to allow him to attend the SONA, remained unacted upon. A week after, judge Oscar Pimentel denied Trillanes's plea to be granted leave from detention to attend Senate sessions, and to set up an office inside Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City where he had been detained.

In response to Trillanes' continued imprisonment despite his election as Senator, former University of the Philippines president Francisco Nemenzo, Jr. and former vice president Teofisto Guingona, Jr. of civil society launched the "Paglingkurin si Trillanes [Let Trillanes Serve] Movement" in Pasay City on August 23, 2007.

Akbayan Representative Risa Hontiveros, Ana Maria Nemenzo of the Freedom from Debt Coalition, opposition leader Jose Alcuaz, and Trillanes' spokesperson Sonny Rivera, were present.

In the Senate election held in May 2007, Trillanes successfully launched a nationwide campaign from his prison cell as he ran and won a seat in the Philippine Senate on a shoestring budget. He was elected to the Senate as guest candidate for the anti-administration Genuine Opposition ticket, and assumed office on June 30, 2007.

He made history for being the first Philippine senator to be elected while in jail when more than 11 million people voted him into office. On November 29, 2007, Trillanes, together with the soldiers facing coup d'├ętat charges in connection with the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny, marched out of the courtroom while attending a hearing[14] towards the Peninsula Manila hotel in Makati City, to reiterate their call for the ouster of then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Notwithstanding calls from civil society groups to allow Trillanes to serve as Senator pursuant to his election, Judge Oscar Pimentel denied Trillanes' petition to attend Senate sessions on September 20, 2007, for lack of merit, ruling that his incarceration would not be a bar to fulfilling his duties as a Senator.

His petition, having been denied by the lower court, Senator Trillanes filed a petition with the Supreme Court of the Philippines, asking that his petition to be allowed to attend Senate sessions be granted. Representing him was his lawyer Reynaldo Robles. Included in said petition was a request that he be allowed to receive visitors in his jail at Fort Bonifacio.

On October 17, 2007, the Supreme Court of the Philippines, in an en banc resolution, directed the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and Makati Regional Trial Court Judge Oscar Pimentel to comment within 10 days on Senator Antonio Trillanes IV's petition. These requests were however later overshadowed by Trillanes' decision to stage another action against Gloria Arroyo's administration. On November 29, 2007, the senator led a siege, this time at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati.

After walking out of his court hearing, he and Brigadier General Danilo Lim led their supporters to the hotel where they staged another coup d' etat calling on the public to join them. Six hours later, after military teams surrounded the hotel and armored personnel carriers broke through the hotel's front doors, Trillanes and his companions surrendered...."

To place this in perspective, this would be similar to having Timothy McVeigh of the Oklahoma City bombing or David Koresh of Waco, Texas, being elected to the U.S. Senate shortly after committing acts of high treason, sedition, and domestic terrorism. had the opportunity to interview opposition leader Trillanes at the church. Trillanes set the tone of the conversation by stating defiantly about the Duterte extrajudicial killings,"After 1 year, there have been 14,000 recorded deaths, while the top drug lords remain unidentified and unprosecuted.

I ask, "When will the first drug lord be brought down ad actually face justice?" In the past Duterte has used such accusations to deflect such suspicions, and yet from what everyone sees, there are drug cartels still operating in Davao City. And Duterte is not addressing these matters. No one would suspect him of being behind it...."

Furthermore, he would go on to attack Duterte by saying," #Duterte single handedly destroyed the image of the Philippines at home and around the world. He should take responsibility for the image of the Philippines being so thoroughly tarnished..."

He would also lay claim to the idea that President Duterte of the Philippines had ordered his assassination as early as May 2016. According to Trillanes,"Duterte ordered my assassination after he won the election . A death squad was formed to assassinate me, I am 100% sure that he gave the order.

I have at least 3 confirmed and trusted sources who have said that he floated ordering my assassination. In a room full of military officials, Duterte asked,"Why can't I just have this guy killed..." For sure he wants to get rid of me...>"

When asked about his 2003 mutiny and 2007 coup d'etat attempts, Trillanes tries to deflect the conversation,"These are inaccurate assessments and are taken out of context. But when asked about the Wikipedia pages about the events, Trillanes stated,"But you have to look at the circumstances upon which these events took place From there you will see that these events were simply the demonstration of the grievances of soldiers..."

Trillanes then compared himself to the Founding Fathers saying," I would like to point out that we didn't fire a single shot during the "awkward moment". In comparison, we were like the soldiers during the American Revolutionary War who fought against the British. When the government turns its back on its mandate, it becomes a source of harm and danger to the people, the soldiers have the right to rebel,..."

Yet when it was pointed out that the same arguments were used by Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee to justify the secession of the Confederacy, Trillanes stated,"I'm a senator now. I was given amnesty by the Aquino government. It gives me the means and platform to do things without resorting to extrajudicial means. I believe circumstances change. Also during the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln gave amnesty to the Confederate leaders. None of them served any time in jail for their actions..."

He would again justify the 2003 "awkward incident" of his mutiny, by saying," I was still a soldier. The armed forces is the protector of the people. Arroyo was ordering soldiers to harm civilians to trigger conflict. In one case, she ordered soldiers to throw a hand grenade into a mosque, in an effort to trigger a jihad by the Muslim populace. This should demonstrate that there were deeper issues involved and that there was a much wider set of circumstances... Even then we didn't fire a single shot"

He described the Armed Forces of the Philippines as being,"The corps of the Armed Forces know the line of whether or not the actions they are being ordered to do is constitutional or not. This is why Duterte is courting the Armed Forces, and corrupting their culture by asking them to commit unconstitutional acts like rape, but no one is biting.

Only time will tell how this will play out and whether they will continue to support the government or withdraw support.. He was hoping that the armed forces would act like the police department..." Furthermore adding,"As mentioned fellow officers will mutiny is they are ordered to conduct unconstitutional activities..."

When asked about his relationship with his co-mutineers,"I still have a working relationship with them, except those who defected to Gloria Macapagal. I would say that we are still one solid group..." Trillanes would then add,"The acts were not a coup d'etat, but merely an attempt to secure a place and to vent our grievances..."

When asked about whether or not he saw his role as coup leader seemed inconsistent with his self-proclaimed embrace of human rights, Trillanes states,"My concern with human rights would seem inconsistent if you were to focus solely on the "awkward incidents" but they would seem consistent if you considered it a fight for the people against acts of state-sponsored terrorism..."

Rodis of San Francisco chimed in saying,"It shows that he has an undying love of country and people..." To which Trillanes added,"I did not abuse my role as public servant or as a soldier..."

When asked, Trillanes stated to the press,"I did not meet with members of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)...."

When asked about whether he had increased fears about his security and safety, especially after report that the Philippine Department of Justice has announced that they are planning to arrest him at the airport, Trillanes said,"Do I have increased fears because of the Department of Justice?

I'm traveling alone. I'm not being complacent, but I'm not being paranoid. I have shifted things around, including how I was picked up at the airport, so I am not afraid..."

Rene Cruz of San Francisco supported Trillanes, saying,"Its very evident that Duterte has authoritarian impulses and it doesn't help that his popularity is high, further feeding his authoritarian impulses. I don't want another Marcos regime in the Philippines..."

This sentiment was shared by Arturo Garcia of Los Angeles, California," Senator Trillanes has a comprehensive and concrete argument, laden with facts, showing that he has researched these matters, and which have been confirmed by the local ombudsmen. The ball is now in the court of Duterte. He now has to prove that Trillanes is guilty..."

A group of protesters gathered outside the Church, protesting against the speech by Trillanes . Arman of Daly City said,"It is important for people to know about this, so the learn what the real Filipino people think and what they believe. Our opinions are based on facts. (Pointing to Trillianes) That person is all lies...."

Jay Perez of Daly City echoed the sentiments saying,"What Trillanes did was illegal. It was something that was supposed to be dealt with by the Department of Foreign Affairs. He's doing bad things about the Filipino people, not the Filipino President. It's not sanctioned. It's illegal..."G.J. of Daly City said, "Trillanes is here, hoping to gain sympathy and support for if he decides to run for re-election for Senator. I just wish he didn't have to come through here. He's just continuing to say negative things against the president..."

Filipino-American Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-CA) voiced concerns about the event noting,"I see both the irony and hypocrisy in the speaker and the event, but its important to speak out about the human rights violations in the Philippines. This doesn't prevent Trillanes from speaking, but it should be noted that he is not the best messenger for the cause, but it should also be noted that Duterte deserves to have a light with transparency and accountability placed on him..."

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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