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Bust of Ferdinand Marcos

A 30 m (98 ft) concrete bust of President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos was built in Pugo, La Union. The monument was destroyed in December 2002.

The bust bore the likeness of Ferdinand Marcos, President of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. The inside of the bust was hollow. The bust measured 30 m (98 ft) high and was made of concrete.

Around 1978, the bust's construction begun along Marcos Highway, which was later officially renamed Aspiras–Palispis Highway. The bust was constructed by the Philippine Tourism Authority and was meant to be the centerpiece of Marcos Park.

The bust was positioned near the peak of Mt. Shontoug so it could be seen by Baguio-bound motorists as far as 3 km (1.9 mi) away from the monument. Father and son, Anselmo Dayag Sr. and Anselmo Jr. were chosen to design the bust but the former died due to disease.

Scaffolding covered with plywood was reportedly erected to deliberately hide the bust's construction from the public. A typhoon later blew the scaffolding away, exposing the bust. The Ibaloi were said to have been displaced due to the bust's construction.

. It was reported that they were forced to sell their lands for outrageously low prices. The bust was completed around 1980.

After the People Power Revolution of 1986, the Ibaloi slaughtered a pig and carabao and poured the animals' blood into the bust to "exorcise" it and later filed a case to reclaim their land.

The bust was bombed in 1989 by leftist rebels and sustained cracks and other minor damage.

The bust was subjected to controversy and was viewed as self-glorification, especially by critics of the Marcos administration. The Ibalois viewed it as a symbol of their mistrust for government authorities since the construction of the bust displaced them from their lands. Communist insurgents also criticized the bust's construction, and many groups planned to destroy the bust.

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