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After 7 Years, Here is an Update for the 2 Year old Indonesian Smoker

After 7 Years, Here is an Update for the 2 Year old Indonesian Smoker

Upon reading the title of this article, you might probably think that the viral 2-year-old boy in 2010 is now dead or maybe has now developed a serious lung disease but before jumping into conclusion, let us altogether know where is this toddler 7 years after his story went viral.

In 2010, photos of Ardi Rizal as well as his story went viral because as early as 2 years old he already learned to puff cigarette which he considered as his playtime way back.

Because of the very alarming story of Ardi, the Indonesian government took action and intervened with how Ardi’s family raises him as also due to the raging communities from across the globe wanting the child to be saved from his addiction before it’s too late.

Although Ardi’s parents do not intend to bring him to harm, they still insisted that Ardi’s addiction was incontrollable. According to his mother, he would bang his head on the wall or hurt himself if they would not give him a lighted stick of cigarette to puff.

As a result, the Indonesian government sent the little boy to rehabilitation center to treat his addiction. Meanwhile during the process of his treatment, Ardi developed another addiction.

In order to kill his addiction to cigarrttes, Ardi found eating as an outlet. Successfully, he got rid of cigarettes but he began to be obsessed with food causing him to gain weight and become obese.

Thankfully, Psychiatrist Dr. Kak Seto handled Ardi’s case ang incoporated physical activities specifically playtime session to shift Ardi’s attention from his past obsessions and possible addictions that will arise.

Ardi is now a healthy 9-year-old boy thanks to the social media which became an effective medium for the world and proper authorities to know his case. Ardi didn’t die, he survived!

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