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Marlene Aguilar Believes The Real DU30 Now Lifeless And Was Replaced By Alien Reptilian Impostor

Marlene Aguilar Believes The Real DU30 Now Lifeless And Was Replaced By Alien Reptilian Impostor

Conspiracy theories are probably the most famous items you could found in the internet, but some of them might really sound ridiculous and utterly stupid in their own sense. Just like the people who believe that the earth is flat (called “flat-earthers”) despite the number of scientific discoveries in the 21st century. Some of these theories are just dumb, but we might as well agree to the fact that it’s worth the read in the name of humor and fun.

The infamous Marlene Aguilar or also known as “She Dragon 696” takes the internet by storm with the new conspiracy theory she posted on her Facebook account. According to the sister of the singer, Freddie Aguilar, she claims that the president Duterte we see now is not the real one. She also adds that the real Rodrigo Duterte is already dead, and the one we see on TV is nothing but a nasty, reptilian impostor. She also told in her post that the president is an alien reptilian humanoid. These creatures are said to be aliens who can take the form and shape of anything and anyone they wish. In this case, it may sound hilarious, but she claims that the president is already one.

According to her “CIA” sources, Duterte’s cancer has gone worse and he has to be isolated on a remote island, bedridden and incapacitated. And that was a month ago. She believes that the real one is now lifeless and replaced by a reptoid.

The “evidences” she presented to the public is that the president looked much healthier than he was before in his previous TV appearances. In addition to that, she claims that this Duterte is an impostor for he cannot recall previous conversations done with his PNP Chief “Bato” Dela Rosa and with his sons. She challenges the president to prove her allegations wrong.

On the other hand, many netizens found the conspiracy theory a total joke. They even bashed and jested Marlene Aguilar for doing tokhang test and what kind of food has she taken this time to come up with such theory. Marlene left the post with a note:

“I BELIEVE DUTERTE IS DEAD. I BELIEVE THE CURRENT DUTERTE IS AN IMPOSTOR! So I challenge the president to step forward and clear my allegations immediately!"

She Dragon 696”And what now if she was proven wrong? What’s her back up plan? We want to hear your thoughts about this!

Comment your thoughts and opinion below!

Source: Philnews

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