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VIRAL: Kim Domingo Suffers From Spinal Problem Because of Her Huge Breasts

VIRAL: Kim Domingo Suffers From Spinal Problem Because of Her Huge Breasts

After the release of the Top 10 FHM sexiest where she lands second, Kim Domingo is again in the center of controversy which now involves her health. Is Kim Domingo suffering from serious illness?

On her interview, Kim Domingo revealed that she’s suffering from back pain and blame the pain she’s experiencing to her chest. It’s not new to everyone that her chest is Kim’s asset apart from her beautiful face. However, when she was asked if she wants her chest to grow bigger, Kim refused because her health is already at stake.

“Sana, huwag na ho! Kasi, nabibigatan na rin po ako! Kasi, naku­kuba na nga po ako!” Kim told the reporters.

We can’t blame Kim for not wishing to grow her ‘asset’ more because with her very petite body, it would be really hard to live with bigger chest unless you’re a sexy star and making a living out of your perfect physique. If her back pain would become worse, there’s a possibility that the sexy star would need to seek medical help and be treated through surgery just to correct affected spine.

With this, we salute Kim Domingo because it’s the industry that keeps Kim Domingo going and enduring the pain she’s experiencing right now for the sake of her career and thousands of fans.

On the other hand, some bashers rise to judge the young sexy star particularly targeting her alleged plastic surgery procedure to enhance her asset.

Well, let’s just shake those negativity off after all, Kim’s sacrifices has paved. She got casted to various TV programs in GMA and currently holds the second spot in FHM sexiest. Now, she launched her own photobook entitled “Kim Domingo: State of Undress” and everyone is free to grab a copy in all book stores and news stands.

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