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Is Sarah Labati Pregnant?

Sarah Lahbati takes down body-shamers in epic clapback

Considered as one the most beautiful celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry, Sarah Lahbati continues to look stunning even if it’s quite obvious that she’s on the family way – her second time, mind you. And six months along, to be exact.

But the gorgeous model still stepped out to attend the posh event of one fashion magazine honoring the ‘best-dressed’ celebrities in the Philippines, and hobnob with the Pinoy fashionistas.

On Instagram, she shared her stylish look in a little black, fully embellished dress with her tresses up in an easy bun.

Despite the physical evidence, some people still went ahead and body-shamed the model-actress by calling her ‘fat’, ‘big’, ‘loshang’, among others.

And boy, did she take them down with an epic clapback!

In a Twitter post, Sarah wrote her tirade against body-shamers and nitpickers who love to put down others.

According to a GMA report, she began by pointing out the obvious with her body: “I’m six months pregnant and getting body-shamed. ‘Ang taba mo.’, ‘ang laki mo.’ ‘loshang’ etc. DID YOU FORGET I AM CARRYING A CHILD. I am growing a baby inside of me and you are shaming me.”

According to the actress, such name-calling often happens to other pregnant women.

“This doesn’t just happen to me. What happened to women supporting each other? Praising each other as mothers?” she wrote.

A visibly incensed Sarah also posed this question: “Why can’t we accept that our bodies are made to change during pregnancy?”

The lovely wife of Richard Gutierrez also asked her followers to be mindful of other women with child.

“Respect pregnant women and think before you judge or open your mouth. If you’re here to do that and be disrespectful, unfollow me and get out of my page.”

Sarah also underscored the need to be respected as a pregnant woman, not just her, but also others.

“I deserve respect and will not allow anyone to step on me for being pregnant. This goes out to all pregnant women; we all deserve to be happy and focus on our growing baby.”

Read her epic retort here:

Hopefully, Sarah Lahbati was able to get her message across her bashers, and that they should never dare to cross her again.

Do you agree with Sarah’s statements? Are you a pregnant woman who gets disrespected by others? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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