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Bimby nasa Critical Condition matapos MADULAS sa pool! Kris Aquino nagalit kay Bimby!

Bimby nasa Critical Condition matapos MADULAS sa pool! Kris Aquino nagalit kay Bimby!

Naaksidente ang bunsong anak ni Kris Aquino na si Bimby. Nadulas daw ito sa kanilang swimming pool.

Ipinagpapasalamat ni Kris na walang fracture sa braso ang anak, pero namaga at nagkapasa nga raw.


"We had an emergency. Bimb was doing his swimming lessons. He was getting out of the pool, slipped & landed hard on his right elbow & pelvic area. This is when I’m thankful our home is near Medical City. In 20 minutes we were in the ER, the very efficient staff got our info, and they did his X Rays."

I was scared because the first result showed apparent bone separation in his right elbow. Thank God their orthopedic team was thorough, they did a full X-ray of his left arm for comparison because they explained children still have bones that are growing & ‘fusing’ together."

“Results showed no fracture just soft tissue contusions. The area now is swelling. We need to Immobilize his arm for 3 days & Elevate it above the heart to help lessen swelling.”

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Nakauwi naman agad sina Kris at Bimby.

“Home now. Good night from a mom who is now feeling the post accident stress. #motherhood ♥️♥️♥️ (P.S. my sons & I have full medical insurance both for here & abroad. It is a worthwhile expense because Bimb’s health card took care of all his ER expenses & we only spent for his prescription medicine. Pls consider health insurance for your family, it’s a good investment. I’m now looking at getting health insurance for all those under my employ to supplement PhilHealth. #learnings),”

Say pa rin ni Kris.

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Source: Abante

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