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Kris Aquino has invited Paolo Duterte, the son of President Rodrigo Duterte, to a meeting to discuss the "bad blood" between their families and his mocking social media post about her mother and brother -- both former presidents of the country.

Aquino extended the invite to the younger Duterte, days after the former Davao City vice mayor criticized the anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution that restored the country's democracy in 1986 as a "reminder of a broken promise."

The scathing image he shared to his thousands of followers on Facebook claimed that corruption was allowed to prevail during the terms of both Corazon Aquino and Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III as president.

"Oo nga no," he wrote as the caption before adding: "Sorry, Krissy ha, huwag magdrama. Laro na lang [ng] PS4."

Aquino said on Tuesday that it was only proper to offer a response as he had called her out. She explained that she was raised by her parents, who believed that "everything could be worked out through face-to-face dialogue."

"May I invite you to have coffee or we can have a San Mig if that is your preference," she wrote to Paolo, before promising him that "hindi ako magda-drama pag nagkaharap na tayo."

"I have no agenda other than the desire for you to personally get to know me and vice versa. Too much bad blood has already been manufactured between our families. We have the chance to hear each other out."

She added that she could not pass up the opportunity to reach out even if she were to be rejected as she wouldn't want to "regret not making a move to open communication lines."

"Kung tanggihan mo ko, Paolo, I shall respect that," she said. "Nasa pamilya nyo ang kapangyarihan at ang buong lakas ng gubyerno at kapulisan ng Pilipinas kaya sino naman nga ba ako?"

She punctuated her invite with a famous line from the 1999 romantic drama, "Notting Hill," rewritten to suit their "particular situation."

"I'm just a girl, unfortunately not standing in front of a boy, but doing it via social media, asking him to give getting to know her personally a chance. I shall await your decision and pray that my effort won’t be snubbed."

As of writing, Paolo has yet to respond to Aquino's invite.

His attack also prompted Kris to defend her mother, who took over as president following the bloodless revolution that ousted Ferdinand Marcos.

She alleged that the "killings and sufferings" that happened during Marcos' rule are being "rewritten and erased."

Sharing a photo of her with her mother, who died in 2009, Kris admitted that while her family was far from perfect, "the woman standing beside me who is peacefully in heaven deserves her daughter to stand up for her legacy."

The photo was taken during the 80th anniversary celebration of Time Magazine back in 2006. The US-publication honored the late president with the Woman of the Year title in 1987.

"We live in a democracy and a large part of of that is thanks to her," Kris argued. "Kaya malaya kayong sabihin ang lahat ng paninirang gusto ninyong itapon sa aming pagkatao.

"Pero hindi ako naging dugo at laman ng babaeng ito kung hindi ko siya ipagtatanggol at ipamumukha sa mga walang respeto sa sumakabilang buhay na -- iyong putik na pilit ninyong ginagamit para yurakan ang pagkatao niya ay kailanman hindi didikit dahil kasinungalingan ang pinanggagalingan."

"As my mom taught me so well -- a lie no matter how beautifully produced will remain just that -- an embarrassing lie. But the TRUTH will stand strong through the test of history."

Source: ABS-CBN

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