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VIRAL: Jollibee Employee “SINUGOD ANG BAHA ” To Deliver Customers Order in Time

VIRAL: Jollibee Employee “SINUGOD ANG BAHA ” To Deliver Customers Order in Time

VIRAL: Jollibee Employee “SINUGOD ANG BAHA ” To Deliver Customers Order in Time


PT Correspondent

It is every company’s commitment that has been oriented and passed through their employees of training them Corporate Social Responsibility. That if it is a call of duty, no matter what happens, one should ensure cutomer satisfaction.

For the past few days, the Typhoon Gorio rained the Metro resulting to suspension of classes and flood to low lying areas of Metro Manila.

With this inclement weather one wouldn’t have the energy to cook food or if they are flooded, would not risk going outside to buy food or going to the market for some health risks.

The most convenient way is to call for a delivery, and that is when the netizens admired this Jollibee delivery guy, that some took his photos as he balances the orders on both hands as he brave his way through dirty waters leg deep flood.

This ‘heroism’ for the commitment of customer service garnered admiration because despite the risk of heavy flood, it did not stop the delivery guy from going to his delivery point.

Yet the management of the company did not pass the scrutiny of the netizens because they blame them for their inconsideration of sending their delivery man in such a horrible condition.

While some says, that it’s all part of their work. On the other hand, the delivery guy introduced himself and commented on the thread and said that their safety is actually a top priority, unfortunately, it did not come to the knowledge of the operators that the road condition is flooded. He also mentioned that he appreciates the concern and commendation coming from people and he added that he loves his job so there’s no one to blame.Seldom we encounter this kind of dedicated employee, he knows his CSR very well! Kudos!

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.


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