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WATCH: Traffic Officer Punches An Old Jeepney Driver

WATCH: Traffic Officer Punches An Old Jeepney Driver

WATCH: Traffic Officer Punches An Old Jeepney Driver


PT Correspondent

Another video of a road officer hurting a helpless driver that violated traffic rules is going viral.

Facebook page Matalinong Matsing shared a video of a jeepney driver who was punched by Officer Mendiola in Pampanga.

The taker

The one who took the video said that while they were on their way home from church, they came upon a traffic officer having a confrontation with a jeepney driver right at the boundary of San Fernando and Angeles, Pampanga.

The driver happened to be the friend of the taker’s father. The actual punching was not captured in the video.

The video

Right from the start of the video, the officer already had his hands on the driver’s shirt in a threatening position.

They appear to be talking to someone who was standing in front of the jeep. The jeepney driver already had a big bump on his right eye where he was punched.

“Eme dapat panumbukan”

This means “you should not punch him” pertaining to the officer not supposed to punch the old man no matter what he did.

The netizens all exploded in anger. Comments poured saying that the officer should not punch the old man.

Kris Bautista said it the best way possible. huwag mong gamitan ng kamay na bakal ang mga mamamayan lalu na kyo ay mga nagpapatupad sa mga batas dapat sa iyo mag seminar ka muna.. Senior citizen pa naman ang sinaktan mo nakasakay pa sa manibela mabigat bigat ang ginawa mo. Boss trapic enforcer.

We hope the officer gets what he deserves and may he learn his lessons now that his video is out.

Watch the video below:

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