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Netizen Lilibeth Gallo buys food for exhausted traffic enforcer

Netizen Lilibeth Gallo buys food for exhausted traffic enforcer

Netizen Lilibeth Gallo buys food for exhausted traffic enforcer


PT Correspondent

Too often in life, we encounter people who just make us question careless assertions that one could not possibly go hungry if he or she just stops being lazy. Netizen Lilibeth Gallo was able to see this firsthand and luckily, she actually did something to help.

Photo from Instagram

See, Lilibeth Gallo was enjoying a meal in a fast food chain when she suddenly became aware of an elder man who is around 50 to 60 years old by her estimate. The man was wearing a Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) vest, and was doing his job despite the scorching heat of the sun.

After a while, Lilibeth saw the elderly man sit down and take a rest by the gutter. That’s when she realized just how tired the man was. While witnessing this scene, she couldn’t help but shed some tears wondering if the man has had anything to eat for breakfast, or if he has enough water to drink — to fight off the heat.

It didn’t take long for the elderly man to decide he wants to rest indoors, and that’s when he walked into the same fast food restaurant Lilibeth Gallo was in.

Photo from Instagram

Photo from Instagram

As he took a seat in the corner, the netizen saw the golden opportunity to extend some help. She promptly ordered a meal and brought it to the man’s table.

“Pero di ako nag order. Wala akong pera,” the man protested when she brought his food.

“Okay lang po yun tay. Binili ko po talaga yan para sayo. Kain napo kayo. Sana po magustuhan nyo,” replied Lilibeth.

She was rewarded with gratitude, a hearty smile, and even a few teardrops for her kind deed to a total stranger. She finished her meal with a slightly lighter heart, knowing she was able to help somehow.

Lilibeth Gallo reveals, she did what she did for she doesn’t want her own father or any other elderly person, for that matter, to experience struggle and have no one care for them.

Netizens, for their part, are touched.

Source: Facebook

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