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A British Man Expresses His High Appreciation To Duterte With A Tattoo

A British Man Expresses His High Appreciation To Duterte With A Tattoo

President Rodrigo Duterte has been widely known worldwide not just to Filipinos but to foreign countries as well. Non-natives are happy with how the President handles the current status of the country despite arising issues regarding democracy and human rights.



Duterte’s Wide Popularity In The West

Penny Taylor, an OFW based in Scotland spotted a British man with a tattoo of Duterte and engraved with

”Gusto ko mamatay para isang Filipino.”, right on their way to Glasgow.

According to the gentleman, he considers

Duterte as the hero of the Philippines. Moreover, he claims that the country needs to be shaken and only the incumbent president can do such thing. Asked if he has a Filipina wife, he proudly says “yes.”

A Leap of Faith

The British man states that Duterte is the one who fits the job in coming out all the craps in the government and leaving just the goodness in it. The short interview with the man remarks his faith to the President by saying,

“He is the man to fix the Philippines.”

A leap of faith, yes, but this man truly believes in the highest office of our land today. If a non-Filipino can believe in it, we bet that Filipinos can do greater.

Penny, a Duterte believer is happy and grateful to have found someone who believes in the competence, capabilities, and bona fide intentions of the President. Despite numerous allegations from the mass media and political oppositions, people do not get easily swayed with issues.

As a matter of fact, the President’s governing style is admired abroad. It’s been usual seeing foreign people expressing their desire to have the kind of president that we have today. Truth be told, not only Filipinos appreciate and has high regards to Duterte, but a significant number of people throughout the world.

As of this writing, Penny Taylor’s post reached more than 600 shares and 21k views, getting widely recognized in the social media today.

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