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Caught On Cam: Trillanes Rehearsing His Interview And The Media Asking Him To Put “More Feelings” For His Second Take

Caught On Cam: Trillanes Rehearsing His Interview And The Media Asking Him To Put “More Feelings” For His Second Take

Senator Antonio Trillanes has been known to release statements where the media are all invited. It is not unusual for a politician to have the media surround him to get his side.


But then, there’s this

However, it becomes suspicious when you see that a certain statement released by the media is being re-taken and the politician is being coached.

In a video released by Facebook page Thinking Minds, it can be seen that Trillanes spoke but stopped and asked if they should retake.

Someone behind the camera then said yes and that he has to say it “with feelings”

Here is the video. People are fearing that there is a conspiracy happening, which is by the way not far from Trilanes’ book.


Comparing it to the full video that was released by News5, you can see how the ‘feelings’ that they were saying was put to use.

Watch the full video here and decide for yourself.

What was that? Why were they retaking the video?


Netizens were quick to react to the video. Here are their reactions:

JE Tresvalles Sya ang next Kris Aquino. At ang fans mga bayaran dilaw. What can we expect? Hindi ako Dutertard pero this senator is better than any celebrity when it comes to interview. The King of All paid media.

Ricky Familara Kaya pala pareho ang tunog nilang dalawa ni alejano. Light camera action. Kaya pala yong Oakwood Mutiny my take two, Manila Peninsula Siege. Parehong hindi pumasa sa panlasa ng madla, nilangaw sa takilya…


Rebecca Ratilla – Matondo the most hated human being in the Philippines

Erwin Go It’s not only fake news. But now they have fake interview.

Elvie E. Cabebe Ano ba ‘yan Trililing?..Hindi ka artista para mag-rehearsal at mag-take two sa iyong presscon, tingin pa lang sa iyo alam na agad ang pagiging fake ng mga sinasabi mo!..Pare-pareho kayong Dilawan, iisa ang style n’yo na puro bulok kaya nagagalit ang mga tao sa pinaggagawa n’yo…#NEVERTOLPEVERAGAIN!


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Source: Updatedtayo

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