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DILG USEC Densing Further Explains To Confused Karen Davila The Difference Between Land And Agrarian Reform

DILG USEC Densing Further Explains To Confused Karen Davila The Difference Between Land And Agrarian Reform

Boracay is one of the trending topics today after pictures of the renewed beauty of the island circles around the media. Invited for an interview, the DILG Undersecretary Epimaco Densing attended ANC’s program segment Headstart with Karen Davila as host.



Land Reform and Agrarian Reform, As Explained By Densing

Confused between Land Reform and Agrarian Reform, USEC Densing lectured Karen on the difference between the two. According to Epimaco, Land Reform means the distribution of lands without agricultural investments. On the other hand, the agrarian reform requires agricultural investments.

Last week, an inter-agency meeting was organized between several government offices to discuss the executive order draft in regards to putting Boracay under Land Reform.

Moreover, Densing says,

“Despite the fact that it has been generating that much there’s still a lot of poor people in Boracay. In other words, the economy never benefited the Boracaynons.”

Duterte’s Proposed Boracay Land Reform

President Rodrigo Duterte made a proposal for Boracay Land Reform in order to give equality and social justice for the Boracaynons. The President sees that the locals of Aklan do not get a role or at least uplift their lives despite living in one of the top tourist spots in the world. Reports say that the town gains $800 million every year but still, the locals are still in the poverty level.

USEC Epimaco adds,

“Give it to them, give them the title, if they’re allowed to sell it in 10 to 30 years then they get the money. Then at least they can hold P500,000 into a million. That’s what the President is saying – social justice and equity.”

The initial plan as proposed by the president, 25 hectares of agricultural land will be distributed to the locals and 300 hectares of the forest land shall be left untouched in order to preserve the life of the island.


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