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Enrile to Kris Aquino: “Nakakasuka. Those were the days, my friend.”'

Enrile to Kris Aquino: “Nakakasuka. Those were the days, my friend.”'

It seems that everyone was appaled by how Kris Aquino acted towards Asec. Mocha Uson’s comparison video of President Duterte’s kiss and that of Ninoy Aquino. Even former senator Juan Ponce Enrile couldn’t help but comment.


A power that is gone by

Speaking on a radio show and FB Live video, Enrile couldn’t help but comment about Kris’ attitude towards Uson. He said that the demeanor of Kris’ is really questionable, especially when she threatened with “once more!”

Who is she to say that? She has no power anymore, she might think she can still sway people, but Enrile does not think so.

“Ang napansin ko dun, at with due respect, talo si Kris Aquino dun, yung demeanor lang niya nakakasuka eh, sa totoo lang. Ang sabi niya, “once more!”. Sino ka? para magsabing “once more!”. Kaya sa publiko talo siya. Arrogance of power that is gone by,”


Malicious Kiss

The conversation went to the kiss that Duterte gave to an OFW. At how it was not in our culture to display affections like that because we are Catholics. To which Enrile answered, he said that without malice, without hatred and without emotions, he wants Kris to ask herself about the kisses that she has made and given.

“How many kisses have you received? And how many kisses have you given?”

To Adjust or Not

The conversation continued and it was said that Duterte should be careful in the acts that he is doing, and that he has to adapt to the culture of his people. To which Enrile has a supportive reply.


“Isipin niyo nalang, Duterte is the number one Filipino today. He is the father of the nation. Ano ba naman yung yakapin niya? Halikan niya? Yung kapwa niyang Pilipino? Babae o lalaki?”

What do you think? Do you agree with what Enrile said? Watch the video below and let us know.

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