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Honest Policeman Returned A Bag With P550k To The Proper Owner

Honest Policeman Returned A Bag With P550k To The Proper Owner

A police officer in Nueva Ecija is set to receive honor as he acted as a good Samaritan and returned a bag that has P550,000 inside to the rightful owner.

Honest Police

In a segment of GMA’s 24 Oras called Pampa Good Vibes where they feature stories that uplift the mood, they reported how Senior Police Officer 1 Gerald Paul Cayog didn’t give in to the temptation of just pocketing the money that he found.



According to the report, Cayog didn’t have second thoughts about the matter. When he found the bag inside an ATM booth, he immediately looked for a way to find the owner.

He found an ID inside the bag that led him to the owner, who was very thankful for his good deed.

Rightful Owner

Cayog found identification cards of businesswoman Hermilina Silao who was thankful that a good policeman was the one who found her bag.

Cayog was said to have found the bag on top of an ATM booth while he was doing rounds in Llanera Public Market in Nueva Ecija last June 22.

Scarce kind

In today’s world, this kind of honesty is rare to come by. That is why it is admirable that Senior PO1 Cayog never even thought of pocketing the money.

Everybody needs money, despite the fact that he surely does too, he deserves praise for choosing to do the right thing instead.

Thank you to this kind officer, let’s share this story so his good deed will be widely known.


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Source: GMA

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