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Inday Sara Greets President Duterte A Happy Father’s Day: “I am who I am, and where I am now because of you.”

Inday Sara Greets President Duterte A Happy Father’s Day: “I am who I am, and where I am now because of you.”

Mayor Inday Sara Greets President Duterte A Happy Father’s Day, Grateful For Teaching Her The Importance Of Education And Thankful For What She Is Today


The City Government of Davao Facebook Page released a video of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte greeting the President Duterte a Happy Father’s Day. The Presidential daughter is thankful and grateful that if not because of her dad, she won’t be in the place she is today and she won’t be who she is right now.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is also known for being fierce and tough just like her father, President Rodrigo Duterte. The relationship between the two has been an open book to the public, even in their hardest days. They may not agree on a thing, but the fact that they are a family and their love for each other remains.

A lawyer and the former mayor of Duterte, Inday Sara seems following the steps of her father – serving the Davaoenos at it’s finest, give a clean government, and protect the people of the city.

Moreover, it is the President that instil in them the importance of education.

Upcoming Father’s Day

President Rodrigo Duterte, also called by everyone as ”Tatay Digong”, is a dauntless hero for the Filipino people, that no matter how big waves of controversies come, the Bisaya President will never get intimidated.

Netizens can’t help but also greet the President on the upcoming Father’s Day celebration on Sunday,

”Happy Father’s Day Tatay President GOD is your strength and we will pray always for your safety”

”Happy Father’s Day Tay Digong!. Praying for your safety, good health as always and long life!… We love you!..”

”I love our city mayor Inday Sara and our PRRD”

Most wish long life and good health to the president as he is old already and supposedly just relaxing and taking coffees at home yet still serving the country with all his might.


President Rodrigo is not just a father to his children and grandkids, but to every Filipino.


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Source: Facebook

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