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Is Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon and Richie D’ Horsey guilty about Pepsi Paloma Rape case?

Is Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon and Richie D’ Horsey guilty about Pepsi Paloma Rape case?

Joey de Leon said some harsh comments on depression during the segment of Juan for All , All For Juan.



Host Jose Manalo asked the sugod-bahay winner Maria Cristina on the condition of her mother. Cristina answered that her mom had depression.

Well, de Leon said depression was just in people’s heads.

Maria Cristina: “Ang sabi lang po nung doktor, depression tapos yung katandaan cause makakalimutin na po.” (The doctor simply said she has depression and because of her age, she tends to forget already.)

Joey chimed in: “Yung depression, gawa-gawa lang ng mga tao iyan. Gawa nila sa sarili nila.” (About depression, that’s just made by people. They do it to themselves.)

In relation, with the controversial comments of Tito Sotto to a woman who spoke about being sexually harassed, the case of Pepsi Paloma has been brought back to life.

Pepsi was 14 years old in 1982 when she was raped by Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon and Richie D’ Horsey. The rising star back then met the three while promoting one of her movies. She was then later on taken to a bar, drugged and gang raped by the comedians (Sadly, this is far from funny).

Pepsi sought the help of Juan Ponce Enrile for a private prosecutor and was then later referred to Rene Cayetano, father of Alan Peter Cayetano.

It was the 80s and rapists then were sentenced with the death penalty. If the three comedians were convicted with rape, they would have sat in the electrocution chair.

But they weren’t. Vic’s brother, Tito Sotto was said to have pressured the girl to drop charges by signing an affidavit saying so.

Inquirer said that “Paloma eventually dropped the charges after she was allegedly visited by one of the trio who said he had only talked with her, but only after placing a pistol on the table in front of her.”

Three years after, she was found hanging dead in her apartment. The police concluded that it was because of financial problems but Pepsi’s manager, Babette Corcuerra had assured the public that the actress had enough gigs and movies to sustain her life and had no financial problems at all.

Pepsi Paloma shouldn’t have been the one hanging. She was 17 then.

In fact, they confessed to their crimes and they were let go. The went down on their knees on the same variety show Eat Bulaga to plead for the girl’s forgiveness. And nothing happened to them. They’re still sitting exactly where they were when she died. You know what’s scary? People still love them and for what reason? Because they forgot. Oh, and they say they’re “funny”.


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