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Kitty Duterte dumaan ng Malacañang para mag paalam sa kanyang ama bago umuwi ng Davao

Kitty Duterte dumaan ng Malacañang para mag paalam sa kanyang ama bago umuwi ng Davao

It seems that the media is painting a bad picture for the President Rodrigo Duterte again. Two photos of presidential daughter Kitty Duterte were posted by news outlets and they captioned it with the following:


LOOK: Kitty Duterte visits father in middle of Cabinet meeting at the Palace before flying home to Davao. 

Protocol, Breeding, etc.

As what you would expect from the anti-Duterte people, of course, they were all quick to ask and judge.

Why is there no protocol? This girl has no breeding and respect. This is not allowed.

A lot of people questioned why it was even posted at all. It was just a simple goodbye from a daughter.

Points to ponder on

Some people in the comments sections made perfect sense in the matter. For instance, one said that it was OK for parents to bring their children to work, so the kids will see how responsible their parents are.

Ping Chiu SOMETIMES its OK for children to visit their parents in their work they can even invite them to their work so that parents can show their children how to be responsible, deligent and hardworking since every parent are the HEROES of their children regardless what work they have… parent will always show good impressions to their children even if some have done bad things… If some parents haven’t done it yet… I SUGGEST YOU TRY IT.

Another one said that there is nothing wrong since Duterte was his father, and for sure it was the meeting’s break or it was done already.


Azzukay Zoldyck Jayde - there’s nothing wrong with this one, it is her father after all, kung ako ang presidente at bumisita anak ko syempre i’ll make a short break for my family and do a father thing to my daughter, my cabinet also can refresh and relax sa pressured and stressful meeting for our country, everybody deserves a short break .. ika nga nila how you see your family reflex how you see the world, if he can treat and give time to his family well as a president then definitely he can treat the country as a father of a big family

Here are the ones that made a lot of sense

Kurlee Lorenzo - Mainstream Media painting the Presidential Daughter as rude. What can you expect? Mataas engagement ng balita pag anti-duterte eh. 

Nicky Ceralvo - The kid who barely sees her Dad because of hectic schedule just dropped by to say bye. I’m okay with it.

Here are last things to think about. If Kitty really wanted to have exposure, wouldn’t she have worn a Filipiniana like the family members of the previous president? Her attire and her headset in her ears just show that she just indeed “passed by” to say goodbye to her father.

Another thing is that why would people take this against her, for sure if it wasn’t allowed to go in then she wouldn’t be allowed to go in, presidential daughter or not.

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