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LOOK: A Close-Up Video Of Boracay Island Shared By A Netizen Went Viral

LOOK: A Close-Up Video Of Boracay Island Shared By A Netizen Went Viral

A video from Jeffro Yap, a Facebook netizen who is fortunate to enter Boracay went viral recently. The clip shows the regained beauty of the island close-up.

It can be seen in the video the clear blue waters and the white sand it primarily features and the reason why it became the top tourist spot among beaches in the world.



Peace And Quiet

It’s been two months already after the government closed the island to the public. Just by looking at it, most can say that it definitely achieved its real beauty and virginity through thorough rehabilitation.

The ambiance in Boracay today is not the usual and typical day on the island but seeing it healthy and away from dirt and moss yet, it probably is more pleasing to the eyes.

Moreover, the video shows the calmness of the sea in the middle of a sunny day, a perfect combination for unwinding and relaxation.

Positive Feedbacks

The more people see how the island has changed from what it is 2 months before, the more it attracts more tourists as many plans to actually visit and personally witness the paradise-like feature of Aklan.

However, some people feel bothered that it may get back to a dirty and unattended version of the island the moment it gets opened to the public. One comments,

”Ok n e open ulit pero panatiliin malinis wag lang puro income ang ang hinahangad.”

A netizen slams those who oppose the Boracay Rehabilitation plan,

“Mga lintik kayong mga bumatikos kayo. Sana nilunok nyo na lang mga lumot ng boracay. Wag kayong pupunta dahil kahit kayo puro reklamo bago pa lang ito linisin. Mga tampalasan.”

And some expressed sarcasm,

“kasalanan na naman ng presidente”,

“Sa sobrang linis, mahihiya ka ng dumihan.”

Yap’s post has now more than 17k positive reactions, nearly 6k comments, 33k shares, and 1.5 million views and counting.

Watch the video here:


What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Jeffro Yap

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