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Mga Barretto pinag-tawanan ang sumulat sakanila na humihingi ng tulong

Mga Barretto pinag-tawanan ang sumulat sakanila na humihingi ng tulong

Gretchen Barretto spearheaded a financial assistance program through her Instagram account. Families who are in need can send their requests through the actress’ friends. Then, there will be a deliberation on which requests will be granted.



If you check Gretchen Barretto’s Instagram, you’d see that this program has helped a lot of people. Some were provided a year supply of insulin shots, others were given educational assistance. This grant was a project that many celebrities could adopt or join in.

However, a netizen named Harvey Balicog was less than impressed with Gretchen’s new video. It showed the actress with her friends Mimi Que and Patty Pineda laughing at someone’s request. According to News Feed, it was Patty who was reading the letter as the other two listened.

The women found it hard to read the letter completely because they couldn’t contain their laughter. We aren’t sure if it was the sender’s grammar or the misleading twists in the letter that seemed to tickle the women’s funny bones.

A netizen named Rey-an Moreno tried to explain the situation from his perspective.


“Here’s my take, after telling her story about her son na may butas ang puso at un 1 e may sakit din, they were expecting na ang request e ipapa opera nya un 2 anak nya. (which i think kaya ng mga baretto). Natawa lang sila dahil nga sa dami ng problems un ensure milk pa un na request since it’s mother’s day.”

Whatever the reason was, a lot of people are quite angry with the insensitivity that the three women showed. Furthermore, their behavior made many believe their charitable endeavor was disingenuous.

People reactions:

The video has been since taken down from Gretchen Barretto’s Instagram, but you can watch a copy of it below:

As of press time none of the women have released a statement regarding the video.

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