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Pandaraya sa VP votes mas malala pa sa Iloilo kaysa sa Camsur

Pandaraya sa VP votes mas malala pa sa Iloilo kaysa sa Camsur

Dismayed by the condition of the “ballot containers” retrieved from this province, a Presidential Electoral Tribunal insider said


“there’s no reason to doubt that the election documents inside what supposed to be a Comelec safety box were obviously compromised.”

Requesting anonymity, the PET insider lamented the decision of poll officials to use as official ballot boxes what appeared to be disposable plastic containers which are normally used in family outings or picnics.

“By the looks of these improvised ballot boxes, any ordinary eyes would certainly cast suspicion that there could have been attempts to tamper with the ballots and voters’ books after the 2016 poll exercise, and the people behind it have done the tampering with impunity,”

stressed the PET insider.

He said

“it’s but easy to conclude that poll fraud for the vice presidential race in this province could have been worse than in the home province of Leni Robredo because poll officials in Camarines Sur, at the very least, don’t have the temerity to use plastic picnic boxes to secure and preserve the election documents.”

While loading the improvised ballot boxes in container vans in this town the other day, the PET insider and representatives from both camps of Robredo and former Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. recorded a number of observations like wet ballot boxes, boxes with broken seals, plastic boxes with just packing tapes around, boxes with damaged top cover, some metal boxes with no padlocks and other infirmities of the ballot containers.

PET officials managed to retrieve a total of 2,264 ballot boxes from the clustered precincts in Iloilo province for the ongoing PET vice presidential recount which were loaded in 16 container vans and transported via sea by four cargo ships which left this town the other day for the port of Manila.

During the revisions of votes from Camarines Sur, the PET revisors also uncovered various election fraud and ballot tampering like wet ballots, ballot boxes with cut grass inside, ballots soaked in gas, over votes and under votes that benefited Robredo, including stray votes which added in her vote tally.

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