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Panoorin niyo kabayan! Cong. Alejano, tinawag na pulpol, bobo at tanga ni Tulfo

Panoorin niyo kabayan! Cong. Alejano, tinawag na pulpol, bobo at tanga ni Tulfo

After Cong. Gary Alejano dropped his statement about the Philippines being strong enough to go against China now, a lot of people seem to disagree. These people are keen to let out their side as to why Alejano was wrong.


“Anong silbi umano ng militar natin kung hindi natin maipapakita na malakas tayo”

This is what Alejano said as a part of his statement, and this is what Erwin Tulfo was pointing out in his video that he released today.

Tulfo’s pointers

Tulfo asked Alejano where he got his info from that we can face China and win today. And then he pointed out some points that indeed made sense.

He mentioned the war against Marawi in Mindanao, he said that how are we going to be able to wage war on China when the local war we had here already wiped out hundreds of our soldiers. What more if we go against China? He even said sarcastically that our soldiers might not even last for an hour against China.

“Saan mo nakuha yang ideya na pwede nating giyerahin ang Tsina? Papaano natin gigiyerahin kung yung giyera nga lang dun sa Marawi na kalaban yung mga ISIS, ilang daan na ang nalagas na sundalo gigiyerahin pa natin ang Tsina..anong maibabatbat natin? Wala pa sigurong isang oras ubos na sundalo natin..”

He added that he is not saying that we should keep quiet at what China is doing, stealing our water resources from our fellowmen. But there are corresponding actions to that and the government is already taking the steps.


“Hindi ko sinasabing manahimik lang tayo. May pamamaraan ginagawa pwedeng gawin at ginagawa na ng gobyerno sa pamamagitan ng diplomasya. Yun nalang ang tanging magagawa natin. Hindi tayo pwedeng magsiga-sigaan kumag at magwarde-warde sa liit natin at wala tayong gamit kaya tayong apakan..”

Waging a war against a big enemy just because of anger, not thinking about the consequences is never the way.



Also according to Tulfo, the only thing that we can do is be diplomatic. We can’t be overconfident given the fact that we are small compared to China and we have no weapons and gears.

What do you think? Do you agree with Tulfo or Alejano?

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