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Pictures Of Rehabilitated Island Of Boracay Now Making Rounds On Social Media, Gains Positive Feedbacks From Netizens

Pictures Of Rehabilitated Island Of Boracay Now Making Rounds On Social Media, Gains Positive Feedbacks From Netizens

Pictures of now regained beaut of Boracay Island has been going rounds on social media platforms today. In a post of Manny Pinol, the strong-willed President Rodrigo Duterte’s bout on this issue is now garnering positive feedbacks at the witness of what Boracay is today.



Closing of Boracay Island

Beforehand, Duterte has expressed his will to close the island of Boracay, which is known globally as a tourist spot. Many have fallen in love with its beauty until it becomes commercially centralized and people tend to forget to maintain its cleanliness and virginity.

The process has never been easy, many known figures in the society have expressed dismay with the government’s plan in closing the island.

Not only it makes a huge effect on sales of large companies, hotels, and restaurants, but to the people regularly working on the island as well. Strictly pursued by the government, it was closed on April 26, 2018.

Many believe that the rehabilitation of 6 months will not be met and worst will never achieve the government’s step to its main goal. There are also issues that Boracay was sold to China and that there are plans for building casinos on the island.

57 Days Ago

Today, with the continuous effort of Inter-Agency Task Force of the government, Boracay is now far from what it is today, 57 days ago.

There is still 4 months to go before the promised opening of the island to the public which Secretary Roy Cimatu confirms that will push through, specifically on October 26.

By that time, business entities can now open reservations and tourists can fly to the island.

Positive Feedbacks

Netizens are now happy with how the administration and Duterte for the project.

Many have claimed that Rodrigo is the only president to fight for this claim and now seeing Boracay’s regained beauty proves that it really indeed the right choice. Some comments,

“good job thanks to president duterte na hindi nagpadala sa puro negative reaction na wala namang suggestion kong anong gawin ngak ngak marami.”

“for sure gigil na gigil na ang mga turistang puntahan na muli ang lugar na yan …Congrats for the accomplishments po!”

However, not all are in favor of this, and still does not believe in the government’s accomplishments,

“Totoo b tlaga yan picture ng Boracay.. Buti nman at pinagtutuunan na ng ating gobyerno ang rehabilitasyon ng Boracay. Dapat pulido tlaga ang ginagawang paglilinis ng Boracay wag basta basta nlang at ang pundo nito na galing sa gobyerno ay magamit d2 ng tama…”


What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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