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Priest Caught Having An Affair With A Married Woman: “Sige na Babes sleep na tayo, gagawa pa ako ng Homily”

Priest Caught Having An Affair With A Married Woman: “Sige na Babes sleep na tayo, gagawa pa ako ng Homily”


What?! This one sentence is as wrong and immoral as one can get. Surely, the words “Babes” and “homily” do not go well in one sentence together. Ever.


Unfortunately for one former Knight of the Altar Den Dimalanta from Villa Rosario in Angeles City, this was a reality, and this sentence ruined his married life.


Dimalanta formally filed charges against, take this, their parish priest. A newly appointed priest at that time, Reverend Father Jeffrey Louie Maghirang. The priest, according to Dimalanta ruined his once happy marriage.

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He also filed charges against his wife, Arah F. Zablan for having an illicit extramarital affair with Maghirang.

The priest is supposedly facing two grave sins here. The fact that he knows that the woman he is pursuing is married and that he broke the celibacy code of priests.

Chats and messages

Dimalanta said that the priest took advantage of his position to get a hold of his wife’s number. Then he courted her, and that started Dimalanta’s nightmare.

“Taking advantage of his position as parish priest, Father Maghirang was able to take the cellphone number of my wife and courted her through text messages and other means, making my once happy family into a miserable one.”

Taking action

At first, Dimalanta chose not to take his complaint into the law’s hand. But when he tried to ask for help from the church, he felt that they were even taking the adultering priest’s side. What a disgust!

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“During our conversation, I was disgusted when bishop Ambo was even protecting Father Maghirang. To show him the truth, I showed Bishop Ambo my laptop and he was shocked in reading one of the message sent by Fr. Maghirang to my wife which reads, SIGE NA BABES SLEEP NA TAYO GAGAWA PA AKO NG HOMILY, (Babes, let’s sleep, I have to prepare my homily)”


After this Maghirang was suspended from being a priest. Dimalanta and his wife also separated and left the conjugal home unmanned.


According to Dimalanta, when he confronted the priest, he admitted the affair. But when they were already facing the Superior Bishop he denied it.

“Thereafter, I confronted Fr. Maghirang as to the veracity of his illicit affair with my wife. The priest admitted his illicit affairs with my wife but later denied the same when confronted by his superior Bishop  David of Holy Rosary Parish Church.”

The law

This is when he decided to take the matters into the law’s hand. Unfortunately for him, the court dismissed his complaint because lack of evidence.

What do you think about this? What should have been done to the priest?

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Source: BULGAR, Pampanga News

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