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Rita Avila slams Duterte for calling God stupid: 'You only respect yourself'

Rita Avila slams Duterte for calling God stupid: 'You only respect yourself'

Actress Rita Avila called President Rodrigo Duterte out for his latest tirade against the Catholic Church. The President, in a Davao City summit on Friday, June 22, said God is "stupid."

"Kinain ni Adam (Adam ate it) then malice was born. Who is this stupid God? Istupido talaga itong putangina kung ganoon (That son of a bitch is stupid if that's the case)," he said, in reference to the creation story in the Bible.



In a series of Instagram posts on Saturday, June 23, the Araw Gabi actress said: "This is a reflection of you, Mr. President. You only respect yourself. You look at us like garbage cans where you freely throw your trash. Wag naman ganun. Tao kami." (It shouldn't be like that. We're humans too.)

"Kung ganyan ang trato mo sa amin ay lalo lang liliit ang dignidad ng Pilipinas. Katiting na nga lang ang meron tayo eh." (If that's how you treat us, we'll lose whatever dignity we have left. We only have a bit left, as it is.)

"To all Duterte fans, I held much hope in him. But sorry, this is too much. You can only help spreading more trash by bashing and hating but I wish you spread GOOD WORDS instead to help clean all of us up. Clean the energies surrounding us and [your] precious selves too. We need to rise from too much hatred and trash. Sa ganito po tayo dapat mag-hawak kamay," she added.

(It's in situations like these that we must help each other.)

She also reminded commenters to "use positive and kind words" when reacting to her own post.

In another post, she shared a quote from the Dalai Lama and wrote: "Religion has always separated all of us when LOVE ONE ANOTHER is the greatest teaching of each religion. Ironic isn’t it? We FIGHT. We HATE. We MOCK. Because of religion."

She also posted a quote from Peace For Kids:

Rita is also a children's book author. Her books include 8 Ways to Comfort with Grace, a book she wrote after losing her son Ellia Jesu, and the coloring book The Invisible Wings, for which she received a thank you letter from no less than Pope Francis.


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Source: Rappler

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