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RJ Nieto (TP) ibinulgar at inilabas ang ebidensya laban sa mga Aquino - 'Anong democracy ang sinasabe mo

RJ Nieto (TP) ibinulgar at inilabas ang ebidensya laban sa mga Aquino - 'Anong democracy ang sinasabe mo'

While everyone else was waiting for the response of Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto about Kris Aquino’s dramatic and OA live video, he releases a more scathing post that was meant to burn Kris Aquino by reminding her of what her family did to the country.



Nieto started by saying how much Kris doesn’t know about her family to act the way she is acting.

He recalled an incident in 1987 where the then President Corazon Aquino jailed a journalist just because she got offended.

In 1987, Philippine Star columnist Luis Beltran wrote that President Corazon “Cory” Aquino hid under her bed during a coup d’etat. Incensed, Aquino sued Beltran and the Star for Libel, and Aquino even went as far as showing journalists that she couldn’t fit under her bed. 

Beltran, who openly criticized Aquino for her incompetence, said his words should not have been taken literally. Nevertheless, Beltran and the Star issued grovelling apologies to President Aquino for the supposed misunderstanding.

Aquino didn’t accept Beltran and the Star’s apology. She still pursued the case, with her even sitting on the witness stand WHILE SHE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, as shown in the accompanying video clip.


He went on by saying how the apology was not accepted by Cory, and in fact, she still pursued to get the journalist jailed for two years and fined for damages.

He then brought it back to Rappler’s issue with the government. The issue here is about the country’s security because the owner of Rappler is foreign.

Watch the video below:


The real attack on press freedom

This, according to Nieto is proof enough that Duterte is not attacking press freedom like how the Aquino administration did.

The Duterte Government simply rescinded Rappler’s corporate registration, which does not prevent Rappler from covering Malacanang. It is a mere administrative case that involved no jail sentences and no fines. Meanwhile, the Aquino Government — through no less than SITTING PRESIDENT CORAZON AQUINO HERSELF– aggressively sent journalists to jail.


Isipin mo ha, ang sinabi lang ni Beltran e nagtago si Cory sa ilalim kama. 

O di ba?

If there’s a government that really directly attacked press freedom, it’s the Government of Cory Aquino, the Government of the person that the Yellow Bleeding Hearts adore.

The real big bombs

After the revelation, Nieto proceeded on asking Kris Aquino to stop telling the people that her parent did nothing wrong and that the Filipinos owe the Aquinos the democracy they are enjoying.

Which democracy? He asks.

So please Kris Aquino, don’t tell us that your parents did nothing wrong. We owe your parents democracy? Anong democracy? Democracy basta sang-ayon kayo? 

He ended his post by telling Kris to drink more coffee sarcastically.

What do you think about Nieto’s post?

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