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Sara Duterte binantaan si Trillanes - "Hindi mo ako kilala, wag mo ako susubukan"

Sara Duterte binantaan si Trillanes - "Hindi mo ako kilala, wag mo ako susubukan"

Senator Antonio Trillanes has succeeded in getting in the wrong foot of Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.. again.



In the headline of a GMA News, it is said that President Rodrigo Duterte is going to push her daughter to run for the presidency in 2022.

In reality, this has been said by a lot of people, or at least they are hoping that she runs as our next president.

However, having Trillanes said it has irked her so much that she pleaded for the senator to just leave her alone.


In all caps, this is how Sara started her very irritated post addressed to Trillanes.

She mentioned that the last time somebody irked her so much, she made sure she made it difficult to bring her down.

She said that if Trillanes want her to stay where she is, he better keep quiet and leave her alone.

LEAVE ME ALONE, Senator Trillanes. The last time a person irked me, I made sure to make it difficult for him to bring me down and Speaker Boy Nograles lost that election and was a billion pesos poorer. Like Speaker Alvarez, my advice to you is not to think of me, speak of my name, not even a whisper of Inday Sara from your ugly lips.


She threatened Trillanes that if he did not stop dragging her name, then he and his friends will spend a lot of money in 2022 just to make her insignificant.

In a short but deadly manner, she also told Trillanes that if he doesn’t bother her, then she will not run, for senator and for president.


She even mentioned that her mother calls her heartless. If President Duterte thinks Trillanes will get shot, Sara wants him alive and in pain.

Leave me in peace in Davao City or else you and your friends will spend more than a billion in the 2022 Presidential elections just to make me insignificant. Let me repeat, do not bother me and my slot will be available for a yellow Senator for the 2019 elections. President Duterte imagines you will be shot, on the other hand, I will make sure you are alive and in pain. I have been described as heartless by my mother, please do not anger me so that you may remain relevant for the future generation. And you should listen to my mother.

Irked still

In the comments, obviously still angry at Trillanes, Sara left another irritated comment, here it is translated in Filipino.

“Bwisit tong si Trillanes, bwisit. Sinong may kilalang mangagamot dito? Ipakulam niyo nga tong si Trillanes, yung mawala ang kanyang boses para di na makapagsalita, maputol ang mga daliri para di na makasulat. bwisit maximum levels.”


How about you? Just this once, do you agree with Trillanes?

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