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Sara Duterte to Trillanes - "O ano nakahanap ka ng katapat mo? Isa kang duwag"

Sara Duterte to Trillanes - "O ano nakahanap ka ng katapat mo? Isa kang duwag"

Politics is a dirty game played only by the tough and strong-willed individuals. It is a business where word wars are ordinary and often exists. The brave and often bashed senator is now on a hot seat for another intriguing comment he made against Duterte and Inday Sara.


How It All Started

Davao Mayor Sara Duterte is now again a hot and trending topic in social media today. In a presscon, Trillanes says that President Duterte is pushing his daughter Sara Duterte to run for president in 2020. The presidential daughter contradicts the senator’s premise and slams the latter for claiming such thing.

Rebuttal Post

The “Leave Me Alone” post of Inday Sara is a clear manifestation of how irked and disappointed she is of Trillanes. The Davao Mayor describes the soldier through a harsh word such as “a disgrace” and advice the latter by saying,

“Like Speaker Alvarez, my advice to you is not to think of me, speak of my name, not even a whisper of Inday Sara from your ugly lips.”


“I Don’t Have Time”

Following Inday Sara’s rebuttal on his statement, Trillanes fights back on the Davao Mayor and puts his guard down by saying, “I don’t have time”, as a sign of cutting off the word war between the two.

Referring to a GMA’s headline Facebook post again, Sara Duterte captioned the screencap with,

“May time ka magpresscon pero wala ka na time kapag sinagot ka na. Hindi ako naniniwala dati sa sinasabi nila pero paniwala na ako, you are a coward. I do not know why you became a soldier and a Senator. Such a disgrace.”


Netizen’s Reaction

Netizens are somewhat happy with Trillanes’ claims on Duterte pushing Sara for a presidential position. Most are happy and one even expressed his support on that specific claim of the senator. Sara Duterte on a possible chance to run for president delights the netizens.

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