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Sinupalpal ni Kitty Duterte ang isang Anti-Duterte sa Twitter

Sinupalpal ni Kitty Duterte ang isang Anti-Duterte sa Twitter

While people are busy bickering about the issue of President Rodrigo Duterte’s kiss, blown up by the media, compared by PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson with Ninoy Aquino’s kiss, reacted upon by Kris Aquino, butted down by Mark Lopez, counter-attacked by Mocha, who Kris countered again, with Maharlika and Jay Sonza stepping in, another fight is brewing. This time, on Twitter and it involves another daughter getting hurt for the sake of her father – the presidential daughter.



If you are thinking about Inday Sara Duterte, then you are wrong. The person involved here is the younger daughter of the president Veronica “Kitty” Duterte. She tweeted a retort over Angel Dei, the vlogger’s post about Duterte.

Angel’s post

Some are saying that she has a point, that women should be standing up and stopping what Duterte is doing.


However, some people threw the fact back at her that the woman whom Duterte kissed gave him consent. Look at it as a celebrity and a fan situation.


And a bigger point is that, even if she is disappointed, people pointed out that she had no right to invalidate what the president did and persuade them to regret that they voted for him.

Kitty’s Response

Let’s start with this. If the yellow people buy the “I got hurt because you attacked my father” drama of Kris Aquino, then why are they condemning the repulsive attack of Kitty Duterte.

Angel did blatantly disrespect Kitty’s father, right?

So let’s start the arguments. People said that the fact that Kitty body-shamed Angel and called her videos nonsense is irrelevant. But acting as a daughter who only knew that her father is the best one, then it can be taken as such.

Maybe she was wrong, maybe what she said was under-the-belt, but people need to understand that this is a young daughter, everything you throw against her father will automatically turn her into a defending machine, like any other daughter for that matter.

What can you say about this issue? Do you regret voting for the president? Or do you understand where Kitty is coming from?

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