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Veteran broadcaster Jay Sonza inilabas ang ebidensya kung bakit hindi talaga HERO ang mga AQUINO

Veteran broadcaster Jay Sonza inilabas ang ebidensya kung bakit hindi talaga HERO ang mga AQUINO

While everybody is placing their own bets in the Kris Aquino-Mocha Uson feud tagged as the “social media war of the century”, veteran broadcaster Jay Sonza also took to social media and revealed something about Kris’ father that will surely tick her off once again.


During our elementary days, we were all though that Kris’ father former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. is considered one of our national heroes, according to our History professors and textbooks, when Ninoy got assassinated upon landing at the airport, he actually “offered” his life to the country and the Filipino people to have democracy after being under dictatorship for almost a decade.


But the former TV host revealed that Ninoy is not that hero image that we were all thought of, in his Facebook post, Sonza cited several reasons why the Filipino online community should not focus of Kris Aquino’s drama but rather on his father’s other side which is quite unknown to others.

According to Sonza, records show that Ninoy is guilty of treason and should be sentenced to death by a firing squad, however, former President Ferdinand Marcos felt pity for his fraternity brother so the firing squad didn’t happen.

Second, Sonza claimed that Ninoy connived with the Communist Party of the Philippines New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) founder Joma Sison in planning the historic Plaza Miranda bombing where a lot of his party member was killed while having a street protest. Ninoy is also allegedly the brainchild of exporting firearms from Malaysia to be used by members of the NPA and Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).


Third, Sonza said that Ninoy is the ultimate traitor for renouncing his Filipino citizenship and went back to the country as Malaysian citizen using a Malaysian passport.

But last and definitely not the list and will surely made Kris Aquino once again burst into tears, Sonza ended up his Facebook post by saying,

“Alam ng lahat ng Kapampangan na matulis pa sa punyal ang kanyang ama pagdating sa mga nakapalda. Bakit hindi itanong ni kris sa kanyang mommy kung bakit galit na galit ito sa kanyang manikurista?”

Sonza’s post immediately went viral on social media leading netizens to share their opinion on the issue. Read some of their comments below:

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