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Viral ngayon ang Ice Cream Vendor na nag bebenta kahit malakas ang ulan at baha

Viral ngayon ang Ice Cream Vendor na nag bebenta kahit malakas ang ulan at baha

At some point in our lives, we might feel like we’re stuck in a job we don’t like. However, do you ever consider how many people work in the streets, day and night rain or shine – just to provide food for their family? With this in mind, we want you to understand that whenever you have an “I Hate My Job” day, try to reflect how privileged are you to be in the workplace you are in right now.


Earlier today, Facebook user shared a photo of an ice cream vendor braving the heavy downpour in the metro. Pushing his ice cream cart in the middle of the street, this hardworking man continued his job despite the heavy rain and flood.

As seen on the photo, the ice cream vendor was already soaking wet. And his umbrella was close to snapping off and being blown away by the strong winds. Despite these harsh conditions, the ice cream vendor pushed his cart through the flooded street.


It’s sad to know that there are people who needs to work hard under the rain just to support their family. On the other hand, we salute this man for his dedication and hard work. Hats off to you Sir!

As of posting, the heartbreaking post already gained over 10,000 reactions, and 6,300 shares online. The netizens also expressed their sympathy and praises to the ice cream vendor.

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