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WATCH: Bong Go HINAMON si Trillanes “Gusto mo one-on-one nalang tayo?”

WATCH: Bong Go HINAMON si Trillanes “Gusto mo one-on-one nalang tayo?”

It seems that Senator Antonio Trillanes is on a roll in annoying other people. After irking Davao City Mayor Inday Duterte, here he is again. This time he shot at Special Assistant to the President Bong Go, but Go won’t let him get away easily.


Not a politician

In a short clip with interviewers, SAP Go addressed Trillanes and said that he is not just acting out when he said he won’t run for politics.

This is after the latter accused him that he is just acting up and would run still after all.

“Hindi po ako nagiinarte kasi hindi po ako politiko.”

He further added that politics was not in his plans. He did not plan to be here where he is now.

“Wala po akong plano, hindi ko po ito pinagplanuhan.”

Right back at you

Then he went and criticized Trillanes for allegedly staging a coup-de-tat and eventually surrendering. Go asked what kind of coup-de-tat is that, he shouldn’t have surrendered.

“Ikaw nga e, nag coup-de-tat ka, pero umatras ka naman. Anong klaseng coup-de-tat yun? Sumurrender ka naman, wag ka sumurrender.”

Second dare

Furthermore, Go added that if Trillanes wanted, they can just have a one on one. On any field Trillanes chooses.

“Pangalawa, kung gusto mo, one on one nalang tayo.”

On the last note, Go told Trillanes that he can go on and choose where.

“Bahala ka na kung saan.”


It seems that Trillanes has been receiving threats and dares from the people he is choosing to pick on. However, we all know that he folded in and shut up when Mayor Duterte answered him. Do you think Trillanes will bite into Go’s dare?

Watch the video below and let us know:


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