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WATCH: Isang ina itinakwil ang kaniyang anak at asawa! Nakakaiyak!

WATCH: Isang ina itinakwil ang kaniyang anak at asawa! Nakakaiyak!

A mothers heart is pure. We all know that. If there are any sacrifices to be made, a mother would gladly do it for her family and her children.



However, this family had no choice but to bring their problem to Raffy Tulfo in Action hoping that they could somehow soften their mom’s heart a bit.


Marcela Turingan, an OFW in Jordan left the Philippines to work abroad last year, leaving his 2 sons and his husband in Cauayan, Isabela.

Just last month, though, Marcela started to accuse her husband of spending the money that she was sending.

This, according to the husband is not true at all. He even said that their children know that he is working hard to help with the expenses.

But Marcela didn’t want to listen, and she wanted a divorce.

A Heart-wrenching moment

It is rare to see a man cry and the husband of Marcela couldn’t help but beg for her to go home.

Even her sons asked her when they got a hold of her on a video call.

But the OFW was so heartless, she was able to say “No” to her children face to face.

Her family was then reduced to tears, they can’t accept that Marcela won’t go home for them.

Are there other reasons?

Even when the husband said that he will pay for their debt that amounted to P60k, she still said she will not go home.

Even after Raffy Tulfo asked her why she went there in the first place and she answered that she wanted to give her children a better future, that was still not enough to make her say yes.

After the show, backstage, Tulfo told her that he will pay the P60k the following day in full just so she would go home. The heartless mom still wouldn’t budge. What kind of heart does this mother have?

Netizens were speculating that she has a lover there that’s why she doesn’t want to go home. No matter what their story is, the tears of her boys and her husband are enough to touch anybody’s heart.

In the end, they still weren’t able to make her go home. Tulfos wife, Jocelyn watched the video and was also moved by what happened, especially that she came from Isabela too, she promised to give the family P100,000 to start their new life.

Watch the video below:


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