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A Patriotic Act: Japanese Man Seen Painting The Railings Of Baguio Overpass, Touch The Hearts Of Netizens

A Patriotic Act: Japanese Man Seen Painting The Railings Of Baguio Overpass, Touch The Hearts Of Netizens

If we, Filipinos love our country, there are also non-natives who has genuine love for the Philippines and have made simple gestures of patriotism even in the smallest way.

Mazakasa Nose, The Good Samaritan

Mazakasa Nose, the viral Japanese man who was often seen in the busy streets of Baguio once topped the headline for the nth time.



Facebook netizen, Querubin XD was able to capture the man painting the railings of the overpass that connects the public market all the way to the Baguio Center Mall. The netizen posted it online and went viral.

Painting and giving the untidy overpass a new look is indeed a desirable act.

For the Love Of Baguio City

According to Cordillera Sun, Nose is known for doing good deeds in the city such as cleaning the streets by picking up the trash with a tong and a garbage bag.

Daniel Feliciano, a blogger shared that the Japanese man can be often seen cleaning in the avenues of Session Road, Maharlika, Harrison Road every morning.

Moreover, the said good samaritan is working on a daily basis by selling waffles and takoyaki through his small stall called, “Masaya Takoyaki” at the Baguio Center Mall, located on the third floor. Mazakasa also hands out fliers to promote his stall.

A Role Model

Mazakasa Nose is indeed a role model that we should look up to. There are so many places in the country, not just in Baguio that needs a makeover or renovation and it badly needs the cooperation of everyone.

May this selfless man be a wake-up call to everyone that big things start with the small ones.

A simple cleaning of our front yard and keeping the small pieces of trash in our bags is a small act that will eventually turn into something good- not just for ourselves but to the country too.


What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Facebook


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