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Brave Netizen Calls Out Sotto For Turning In On DDS And Wanting To Let DeLima Be Free

Brave Netizen Calls Out Sotto For Turning In On DDS And Wanting To Let DeLima Be Free

A netizen who is an admin of a huge Duterte group on Facebook took to Facebook live to release her anger towards Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto. This is after he wants to give special treatment to the jailed Senator Leila deLima.




The brave netizen talked about how she thought that Sotto was a DDS. She said that Sotto is slowly showing his color now.

She also mentioned that millions of Filipino prayed for justice and for deLima to finally pay for her sins and get jailed. And now Sotto want to give her rights, this brave netizen didn’t think that was necessary for deLima.

“Jowa mo po ba si Madam Leila deLima?” she asked sarcastically.

People will speak

Apart from the curses and angry words she threw at Sotto, she also said that if indeed, Sotto becomes successful in what he is planning for deLima, then the people will speak again.

DDS will organize a group to call him out and to keep deLima in jail.


She also mentioned that Sotto is like Senator Panfilo Lacson. Who, in the beginning, was showing signs that they agree with the president, but in the middle, their true colors are revealed.

She went on berating about how deLima was already jailed and how Sotto wanted to help her get out. She said in the last part, Sotto is the one making decisions that result in people losing their respect for him.

Watch the video here:


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