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Girl Under Fire For Calling Out Sniper Volunteers To Assassinate President Duterte

Girl Under Fire For Calling Out Sniper Volunteers To Assassinate President Duterte

One netizen is being called out by the public for posting a downright disrespect to the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

We all know that Duterte is tolerant of these kinds of behaviors, he understands that everyone has the right to express what they are feeling under the “freedom of expression” notion.



Offense under Revised Penal Code

However, a girl named Mariz Cruz is being grilled by the public now for posting a photo of the president with a sniper crosshair on his forehead.

She also captioned it of a call to sniper volunteers who can supposedly end Duterte and “save our country”.

This is following the assassination of Mayor Halili of Tanauan Batangas this Monday. She said that if somebody can do it to Halili, why not to Duterte.

But then, the president, no matter anyone hates him, is still entitled to some kind of respect from his people. Is it that hard to understand?

The post caption is indeed correct.

Mariz Cruz – you committed an offense punishable under Revised Penal Code.

The president is entitled of respect at some degree. A president is no ordinary person and if your on the other side of political fence? This is not covered under your freedom.

Having freedom of speech is not tantamount to being entitled to disrespect the person who holds the highest position in the country.

People are angry

Naturally, in the comments, people are reacting and telling Cruz that what she did was against the law and that she will be traced even if she was using a fake dummy account.

Others called out for respect and said that the president deserves to be respected.


What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Crisostomo Ibarra/Facebook

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