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Kiko Thinks Leni Is The Leader Of Our Country And The Netizens Aren’t Letting Him Get Away With It

Kiko Thinks Leni Is The Leader Of Our Country And The Netizens Aren’t Letting Him Get Away With It

Senator Kiko Pangilinan is being ridiculed by the Netizens again because of a photo he posted about Vice President Leni Robredo being the leader of the country.



Kiko Pangilinan Strikes Again

Pangilinan, known for being an opposition and a critic to the current administration is now under hot water for his recent Twitter post.

The senator’s statement came up following President Rodrigo Duterte’s interview regarding Leni to be the next in line to lead the country and the incompetency remarks pertaining to the Vice-President.

Twitter Post

In the senator’s recent twitter post, he has pronounced his belief that the true leader of this country is VP Leni Robredo.

Senator Kiko uplifts the VP for his claims that the latter is the voice of the poor and the oppressed amidst the neglect and harsh treatment of the government to its people.

Apart from that, he has expressed his and the Liberal Party to follow VP Leni’s leadership.

People uproar

Netizens react on Kiko Pangilinan’s post by reminding him a little bit of history. Like one said, history repeats itself and that this situation looks the same when the Liberal Party called on Cory Aquino to run after Ninoy passed away.

People nowadays are hopeful not to commit the same mistake which they have known way back as the best decision ever made in history.

Dragging the name of Liberal Party adds fuel to the heat of the arguments. People are now fed up and tired of letting the LP govern our law of the land based on their own benefit.

Some netizens remind the senator that Robredo is still considered as a presumptive Vice-President as the issue on election polls is still ongoing.

Moreover, many have disagreed with Kiko and simply say that indeed Leni is not capable to run the government but to ruin it.


What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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