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New Immigration Electronic Gates Installed At NAIA Arrival Area

New Immigration Electronic Gates meant to make Filipinos life more comfortable are installed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Arrival Area.

Change is coming

Since President Rodrigo Duterte sat in office, he did nothing but improve the quality of living of his people.

Little improvements that are aimed to give a longterm progress are sprouting up all over the Philippines.

The newest progress added is the new Immigration Electronic Gates in the Arrival Area of NAIA.


In a video posted by JP Mortel Fajura, the new gates were shown in action.

Machines wherein you will just tap your passport to be able to go in is shown, once you tap your passport, the gates will open.

There is an electronic retina, height testing of the passenger too.

People’s reaction

People were happy that there are seeing change and progress is slowly giving us a more comfortable life.

Watch the video here:

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