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Old Interview Of Slain Tanauan Mayor Surfaces: “I was persecuted by Liberal Party because I support Duterte”

Old Interview Of Slain Tanauan Mayor Surfaces: “I was persecuted by Liberal Party because I support Duterte”

Days after the assassination of Tanauan, Batangas Mayor Thony Halili in board daylight, no suspects have been tagged yet.


Following Halili’s death, the opposition wasted no time in trying to pin the blame to the Duterte administration.



Senator Francis Pangilinan was quick in slamming the government, saying that the killing is a clear case of Extrajudicial Killing or EJK.

Several netizens also believe so, they said that the government allegedly ordered assassins to silence Halili because of his supposed involvement in illegal drugs.

Persecution and harassment

However, a Duterte supporter was able to watch an old interview with the late mayor and he dropped clues on the possible motives of the real mastermind of the killing.

In a show called Magandang Gabi Pilipinas, Halili revealed that the harassment from the Liberal Party started even before the Duterte administration. Specifically during the last Aquino admin.

He said that when he decided to campaign for Duterte, the liberal party became upset with him.

“It started noong campaign period, I was running under the Liberal Party, pero yung 48 Barangays declared our support to President Rodrigo Duterte,”

“After nung kami ay magdeklara na kami’y Duterte together with all 48 barangay captains hinaras na yung aking Mayor’s Anti-Crime Group,”

Mayor’s Anti Crime Group

Halili, who was known as the Duterte of Batangas earned his name because of his relentless fight against illegal drugs. Once they event went to the extent of public shaming, making drug criminals walk the street naked and with a tag, so that other people will not follow their footsteps.

To fight off drugs, he formed the Mayor Anti-Crime Group. It was an organization that assisted cops that are going against drug trafficking.

Since his announcement that he will support Duterte, liberal party started to harass the group.

The authorities have also raided the leader of the said group and they found weapons, but all licensed, so no case has been filed against him.

“Yung persecution happened during the past administration, kasi syempre kasi sa kanila yung provincial director, na kaibigan ng kalaban kong retired General ng PNP na tumakbo against me,”

“Basta ang paniniwala ko, I was persecuted because I support President Duterte,”


When Duterte released the Narco List, Halili’s name was included. He insisted that it was the doing of the liberal party when they got pissed at him.

“Akala ko talaga, mawawala na yung issue kapag nanalo si President Duterte, eh it was the PNP eh,”

Ready for death

The said interview happened two months before the assassination happened. In the interview, he said that his bodyguards are not enough to prevent an assassination attempt against him.

“Sabi ko nga anybody just come to me and kill me, okay lang naman matanda na rin naman ako. 72 na ko kaya hindi na ko natatakot,”

Watch the interview here:


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