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Ombudsman Morales dares Duterte: Show me that I’m corrupt

Ombudsman Morales dares Duterte: Show me that I’m corrupt

Outgoing Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales on Thursday admitted that she was hurt by the allegations of President Rodrigo Duterte that she is a corrupt government official as she urged him to show evidence.



In a one-on-one interview with anchor Howie Severino on News To Go, Morales challenged the President to provide pieces of evidence that will show her supposed corrupt activities.

"It hurts, sasabihin niya corrupt ako. Of course it hurts because I know who I am. Unless he has the evidence to show that I am corrupt then I accept that challenge," Morales said.

"Show me that I am corrupt. The burden is on him to come up with evidence. We go by the evidence, hindi naman puwedeng hula-hula. Kung talagang gusto nilang i-prove na corrupt ako, show it. I welcome it," Morales added.

"That statement got the ire of President. I was asked by the Japanese interviewer, what can you say about ordering people to kill other people. Di ba naturally a person would say goading people is a general phenomenon. Goading people to kill another people is not acceptable to me," Morales said.

Morales also noted that it was only her personal opinion.

"That was my personal opinion. I cannot understand why he went berserk and telling me that I am corrupt. Ang sabi niya huhubaran niya raw ako... shut my mouth, eh I'll not shut my mouth," she added.

"I speak my mind out. I'm not restrained by what this fellow believes of that fellow believes irrespective of background," Morales said.

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Source: GMA

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