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President Duterte Meets Bro. Eddie Villanueva: “I only apologize to God, nobody else”

President Duterte Meets Bro. Eddie Villanueva: “I only apologize to God, nobody else”

Over the past several weeks, Jesus is Lord founder, Eddie Villanueva was the talk of social media and the papers. Ever since President Rodrigo Duterte mocked the god of his critics, Villanueva and other Catholic leaders never stopped using God as an excuse to try and bring down Duterte and make him apologize.



My God is good

The two leaders met at the Malago Clubhouse in Malacanang on July 10, 2018, to talk about the matter.

Duterte patiently explained to Villanueva that he was not only criticizing the God of his critics and not the God of everybody.

“If you review the tape, I said that my God is good, has common sense and does not create trouble for my country,” said Duterte.

Church and State

Along with the explanation, Duterte also added his views about the separation of the Church and the State.

“You can criticize us anything at all, from the garbage collectors to the Generals and even to the Vice President and Senators, but never use the name of God as a front to attack the government, because that is not the proper way to do it,” the President said.

Apologize to God

Villanueva advised Duterte to apologize to God which the latter agreed to.

Duterte also addressed his critics that are too busy criticizing him instead of doing good, these people, according to the president are the ones who made their own concept of their “God”.

“If you feel that somebody is doing it wrong and invoking the name (of God), hey guy you just talking about the wrong God or that is it not God that is my God,” Duterte said.

In the end, Duterte said that he will apologize to God, but only to his God and not his critics.

“I only apologize to God, nobody else,” he said.

He believes that his God will forgive him for what he said and that God understands.

“He (God) would really happy to listen to my apology, why? because my God is all forgiving, why? because he does not remember past hurts, why? because God created me to be good and not to be bad,” he added.


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Source: Presidential Communication

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