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Presidential Daughter Kitty Duterte Burns Basher on Twitter: “May trabaho ang Mama ko!”

Presidential Daughter Kitty Duterte Burns Basher on Twitter: “May trabaho ang Mama ko!”

We all know that presidential daughter Inday Sara Duterte never misses the chance to sneer at people who are saying things against her and her family on social media, but did you know that the other presidential daughter, Veronica “Kitty” Duterte also frequently burns netizens and put them in their proper places?



Tax money

People seem to think that when politician’s families are traveling then they are automatically using the taxpayers’ money.

However, they forget that sometimes, these people have their own money and jobs. This is what an anonymous netizen got shoved in her face when she accuses Kitty of using the taxpayers’ money.

Curious cat is a website that allows people to anonymously ask celebrities questions. This is where a netizen asked Kitty.

She then posted her answer to Twitter.

The anonymous user who was brave behind the cloak of the internet accused Kitty and her family for using the taxpayers’ money for their travels. To which Kitty got offended and quickly answered with a scathing remark.

“Wag niyo ubusin oras namin kasi may trabaho mama ko ^_^”

Even sarcastically imitating the smiley face of the anonymous user.

You go, girl

When she shared it on Twitter, a lot of her followers cheered her for what she said.

Important business

There was one instance last year when Kitty also dissed a basher even using the middle finger emoticon on her reply when she was asked the same question.

“The president had important business there. he was working and we went with him. nagtatrabaho at may sweldo sya. kapal mo. @lesliesocal”

Because of this, some people criticized her for not acting appropriately according to her age. To which she replied that she is aware, she just didn’t care.


What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Kitty Duterte/Twitter

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