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Presidential Sister Slams R.V. And Other Celebs: “Lahat ng mga “laos” na artista ginagamit si PRRD para sumikat!”

Presidential Sister Slams R.V. And Other Celebs: “Lahat ng mga “laos” na artista ginagamit si PRRD para sumikat!”

President Rodrigo Duterte’s sister, Jocellyn Duterte couldn’t help but post a status on Facebook pertaining to the recent trend that she has been noticing. She thinks that the celebrities that are losing their limelight are using her brother to gain attention.




In a post that seemingly pinpoints Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez recent tirade about PRRD, Jocellyn angrily spat on her and revealed that drugs are rampant in showbiz.

Lahat ng mga “laos” na artista ginagamit si PRRD pra sumikat! Alam nman natin na ang droga matindi sa showbiz…

She also adviced the so-called “laos” not to meddle with politics anymore. She said that it is becoming their style to jump into politics when their career in showbusiness starts fading.

Milking Cow

She also reminded the celebrities that the nation wants to change and they should pity the nation.

Because a lot of celebrities are entering politics without the slightest aim to provide public service.

They are just making politics their ‘milking cow’.

Halos lahat ng artista pumasok sa politika, wala talagang alam at dinadaan lng sa kanilang celebrity status, at popularidad…

Gusto na ng taong-bayan magbago, maawa kayo sa bayan, kng wla naman tlaga kayong magawa na mabuti dahil hindi naman kayo qualified, hindi ko nilalalahat!

Huwag ng mag ambisyon na pumasok sa public sevice dahil sawa na ang taong-bayan sa mga polpol at ang intensyon lng ay kumita!… (Milking cow) lng ang politika sa inyo


At the end of her post, she crypticly said “take note, Ms. R.V. fyi”

Which bred the people’s assumption that it was Regine Velasquez she was talking about.


What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Jocellyn Duterte/Facebook

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