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Erwin Tulfo Wants Trillanes To Be Detained In A Pig Sty

When it rains, it pours. With all the flak that Trillanes has been receiving due to his arrest, hard-hitting broadcaster Erwin Tulfo aimed his target at him anew.

You Can’t Escape The Next One

In his popular television-radio show Tutok Erwin Tulfo, the veteran broadcaster said that while Trillanes may have evaded arrest because he posted bail, the next warrant of arrest that will be issued on branch 148 of the Makati RTC is non-bailable, so he will surely be languishing in prison.

In a phone patch with Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, he confirmed that the case on branch 148 is indeed non-bailable, and there is another warrant of arrest waiting to be released in the next few days.

Trial To Be Heard By The Judiciary

Spokesman Roque also said that the president decided to have the trial heard in the judicial court instead of the court marshall or the military court. This is to prevent other people from thinking that he is wielding his influence to convict Trillanes. Being the commander in chief of the military, he plays a major role if ever Trillanes were to be tried in the military court. To avoid controversy, he let the judicial courts decide on the fate of the former rebel soldier and mutineer.

Bailed By The People

The outspoken broadcaster and journalist, who was on the receiving end of Trillanes wrath in the not so distant past because of the DOT controversy, also added that it was the Filipino people who posted bail for the arrested senator because the money he used for bail comes from his salary as a senator, which in turn comes from taxpayers money.

Democracy So Alive

Tulfo remarked that contrary to what Trillanes said yesterday about the democracy “being” dead, he said it is the farthest from the truth. Democracy, in fact, is very much alive.

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