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School staff squeezes young students altogether in tight car space

We all know that a child’s safety is the topmost priority when we ride a car. We always make sure to have their seatbelts on so that there is no chance of getting them harmed. But recently, an alarming scenario which took place near Lucky Chinatown Mall shocked the netizens. Thankfully, a citizen nearby was able to document the baffling event.

Facebook page Remate – Ang Diaryo ng Masa uploaded the video and has already garnered thousands of views and shares. Many concerned netizens were also eager to punish these irresponsible people.

Seemingly grade school students, who were wearing their P.E uniform, were evidently squeezed altogether at the back of a Mitsubishi car. Almost six students have been compressed inside while they were standing. On the other hand, some of their school staff decided to occupy the middle part of the vehicle.

Upon seeing that the car’s backspace has already been occupied, a man immediately shut down the door. Looking like mannequins, the young students didn’t have any choice but to obey the elders. It wasn’t clear if their parents have been notified about this incident, but it is noteworthy that no guardian would allow such action done to their kids.

Many netizens immediately condemned the unidentified school and want to bestow punishment to the school’s irresponsibility. Some of them even said that they treated the students like livestock and didn’t even think of their well-being. The school’s unacceptable move obviously made the people furious.

Hence, it is quite right for them to face the consequences of their action so that nothing similar will happen in the future.

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