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Ai-ai, ibinahagi ang tagumpay ng asawang isa na ngayong piloto

When we talk about love life, it is not hidden that Ai-ai experienced some unfortunate events especially with her previous marriage which only lasted for a month. When her former husband, Jed Salang allegedly abused her physically not too long after they tied the knot. Before this, she also went through some controversies on her past relationships.

But luckily, 5 years ago, the actress and the Queen of Comedy finally found her peace with her new husband who is 30 years younger than him. Gerald Sibayan, who were once a part of De La Salle's National Badminton Team decided to defy the derogatory societal norms about having a huge age gap on relationship.

The actress shared their story on Instagram way back they first met, recalling her iconic feedback when her friend Pao, who happen to be Jed's team mate introduced them to one another.

"P..... i..! Anong gagawin ko sa 20 years old? Leche!" Ai-ai wrote, initially thinking Jed would not even pass to be her suitor in the first place.

But here there are, 5 years after, still going strong and managed to lift each other up towards their dream.

On another Instagram post, Ai-ai recently shared Jed's achievement on finally becoming a pilot he always wanted.

"Congratulations Capt. Gerald Sibayan. I am so proud of you, my husband." Ai-ai said.

"Salamat sa tyaga at dedication mo [sa] pagiging piloto mo... and sabi nga "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams " the Comedy Queen added.

Meanwhile the fans showed their full support towards the couple and wished them continuous happiness in life.

Have you already found yourself a soulmate and a partner in life just like Ai-ai do? Well if not, let love found its way towards you and it will come in the right time. Share us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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