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Arjo Atayde, nagsalita na tungkol sa issue ng di umana pagbubuhos ni Coco Martin ng tubig sa kanyang mga crew

As we all know, entering showbiz will give you every controversies you could ever think about. But still, a lot of people wishes to enter the industry to pursue their passion in acting. But if you are one of those aspirants, are you ready to face these kinds of issues?

Just recently, another hot topic spiced up the social media as Robin Padilla, the veteran action star gave out several statements against ABS CBN network and for the people he encountered there.

The actor even name dropped some famous personalities.

One of them is Coco Martin, who is most probably often called as “Cardo" by his fans and audience due to the long running evening series Ang Probinsyano.

Robin revealer that Coco Martin was cruel to his workmates. He even poured a water on one of his crew who fell asleep because of too much exhaustion.

The Ang Probinsyano lead star’s team immediately denied it and said that Coco did not do such thing. Some of the people who claimed to work with the actor supported his team's statement and shared all the good things Coco had done for them.

Amidst of the issue, Arjo Atayde, who became part of the firsg two year of the prime time series decided to share his side.

He admits that the water issue was indeed true but to clarify things, it was not out of rage but because it was a inside prank he and the whole Ang Probinsyano team used to pull off when joking around the set.
Arjo added that he had been witness of Coco’s good relationship with his co workers and says he would never do such thing. He shared that the actor’s crew is the same people he worked with Juan dela Cruz. Coco specifically brought them all along together with him to Ang Probinsyano.

Do you believe Arjo's statement about Coco Martin's issue? On top of this, Arjo cleared that he did not want to create any brawling with anyone because he just want to share the truth. Share us in the comment section on what you think about Robin's claims and Arjo's explanation!

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