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Bela Padilla, nag pa fund raising ng halagang isang milyon para sa mga apektadong street vendors ng COVID-19

Amidst the outbreak, many celebrities have spoken out about their concern and sympathy towards the Filipino people While the ordinary citizens fights and struggles their way to survival, many are becoming worried for those who are in a no work, no pay / no earned money system. As what the concern fellows are asking:

Who would support them during these trying times? That is why the netizens celebrated with joy when Bela Padilla, a well known actress decided to take the initiative of lending a hand to those who got stucked in a desperate situation because of the community quarantine.

On a tweet posted by the actress, she initially called out the attention of the people she can contact for her objective.

“How do the taho, sampaguita, chips and basahan vendors we see on EDSA who probably sold close to nothing today eat tonight. And tomorrow? And the whole month? Is there anyone I can go to, to talk about this and hopefully help out?”

Afterwards, the actress tweeted a statement that made everyone genuinely thank her for her kindness and pure intentions.

“The best solution I came up with is for us to donate. I set up an account, and whatever money we do raise, let’s [split] 16 ways for the 16 cities of metro Manila affected by this community quarantine. I will personally see to it that the money we raise will go to the right people,” Bela explained, laying out a concrete plan upon reaching the target money.

She also shared the link on where people can donate and monitor the total amount raised.

Are you planning on participating on Bela's movement to help the vendors and the homeless people as well? May you will get to donate or unfortunately do not have the capacity to, let us all pray that we will get pass through this epidemic soon.

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