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Dating Nagpupulot Lamang ng Basura,, Nabigyan ng Scholarship at Mag-aaral sa Austrilian University

When you are poor and jobless, there is just a little bit of aspiration of you to overcome your hopeless situation through studying, getting a degree and someday get your family out of that place. Let us face the reality, when you are stucked in an everyday cycle of struggling to find what to eat and where to sleep, survival would always comes first.

And that is why education is rarely achieved in the slums area. The need to get through another day and not starve from hunger is the most priority of everyone, not sending off your children to school to school. In the street, as they learn how to fight and trade, they will learn that. But in a very much rough way.

That is how Sophy Ron spent her childhood. Picking up other’s garbage at Phnom Penh as she tries to make many out of it. At the end of the day, all the feeling of being worn out will be washed off after providing a small dinner for her family.

But her life changed when the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) rescued her and supported her studies. It was amazingly surprising when Sophy was able to keep up with the children among her level albeit stopping from her education a long time ago.

As a matter of fact, Sophy was a notable intelligent student.

Another blessing came when she was granted a full scholarship to pursue her college at one of the famous university in Melbourne. And to make you even more astounded, she graduated Valedictorian from Trinity College.

During her speech, she expressed her gratitude towards everyone who helped her reach where she is today and looked back to where she came from.

Were you inspired by Sophy's story? Well, who would not? This lady served as a symbol of hope, courage and optimism. May she continued giving motivation to every organizations just like CCF to help every kid who are now experiencing what she had been through.

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